X: The Human Condition Coming To A VOD Service Near You


We are currently working on the trailer to be featured on VOD services. Yes, X: The Human Condition is coming to VOD this year! It’s been fun working with the original visuals and adding in the reviews we’ve received to create this preview promotional trailer, and we think you’ll all enjoy the vibe. 🙂 Stay … Read more

The X: THC Mission

X: THC mission

In today’s society, despite the fact that we are more connected through social media than ever before, people report FEELING LESS connected to each other than ever before. More and more people report feeling alienated, not being able to fit in, feeling “different”. The rash of celebrity suicides recently brought more notice to the subject … Read more

Rise Up Eight Website Taking Off

Hello friends, Looks like our Rise Up Eight  website is really taking off.  We’ve been interviewed by many podcasts and magazines about the website. Take a look here at all the press! It’s a beautiful thing to know that our work to make this world a better place is appreciated.  We’ve been interviewing people from … Read more

Fall Down Seven Times, Rise Up Eight

Rise Up Eight Facebook

  We’ve been busy working on another website called, RiseUpEight.org. This new website is the next level in our exploration of the human condition. We first started with the music and film multimedia project, X: The Human Condition, and now we’ve started this website where we interview people from all over the world who have … Read more

“Never Give Up – The Miracle Of X: THC”

X: THC new album cover image

“Never Give Up – The Miracle Of X: THC” …that’s the working title for our upcoming documentary. We are very excited to share this with you because it chronicles the band’s entire history and everything we have been through to get to where we are today, to celebrate “the rising after the fall”, and our … Read more

X: THC Documentary Short Film

X: THC fist

A new documentary film is in production and should be released online before our new album release. Taking a “behind the scenes” look at the twelve year in-the-making music and film multimedia project, the documentary chronicles a good deal of what happened to make the daunting X: The Human Condition film, album and live experience … Read more

X: The Human Condition Launching Online!

GREAT NEWS PEOPLE! We’re in the process of launching our multimedia film, X: The Human Condition online, in ten chapters. once weekly, for ten weeks, leading up to the release of our next album! For the uninitiated, here’s the sypnosis… A love story of a different kind…Two alienated artists, each trapped in their own surreal existence, make one … Read more