X: THC new-cover

In the past year since this story was written, I endeavored to conquer Kidney Disease…

I have successfully done that so far through alternative medicine.  This has been proven with two quarterly blood tests I have taken. My blood levels are NORMAL. Of course, I will keep testing to be sure, but it’s a nice start!

I have no doubts that I will face more challenges in my life, but what the heck, all challenges have quite a challenge on their hands trying to beat me.

I like to call myself, “adversity’s adversary”, LOL!

Our followup album will be released soon…

PS- As an extension of X: The Human Condition, we’ve created a website where not only have I told my own story, but there is now a community of hundreds of people sharing their stories of overcoming adversity at RiseUpEight.org.

I got the idea from the Japanese proverb, fall down seven times, stand up eight, but I thought standing up was just not enough. We need to rise up above challenges in life to become successful.

It’s a volunteer run website that I founded, and maintain it on a daily basis with several volunteers. It’s art imitating life or life imitating art or both, I’m not sure.

But all of us are in this simply to make this world a better place. And I have to say, I have never felt such a positive energy in my life. Being surrounded by so many positive people is something I would like for you to experience as well, so please check it out and understand that whatever challenges you may have in life, they will eventually lead you to a better place, so you will get past whatever it is that’s holding you back. You will look back on this time as simply a difficult time of learning, where you got the strength to become the success that you will be.

Rise Up Eight website: http://riseupeight.org
facebook: www.facebook.com/riseupeight

X: THC website: www.x-thc.com
youtube: www.youtube.com/xthcmusic
facebook: www.facebook.com/xthcmusic