X: The Human Condition, The Film

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“The important thing is this: To be able at any moment to sacrifice what we are for what we could become.”
– Charles DuBos

In a hybrid mash-up of electronic pop music and performance art, X: THC performed the debut album, X: The Human Condition live with the 40-minute allegorical film projected behind the band. More than just pretty pictures on the screen, the film actually struck emotional chords within its audience.

Creating a unique and memorable live multimedia experience exploring the human condition,, X: THC evolved and redefined how live performance can be presented and experienced within the music industry.

With the goal of inspiring people through music & film, the story behind X: The Human Condition became an inspiration in itself, as its creator triumphed over near-permanent blindness, financial difficulties, and widespread industry belief that the project was “impossible”…

The “little indie project that could” has received rave reviews globally, from nations as far as Australia, Europe, South America, North America, and Asia.

Rave Reviews…


WATCH the X: The Human Condition film trailer and music videos HERE.

READ the inspiring “behind the scenes” story of X: The Human Condition HERE.

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”A hypnotic and chilling journey that examines the complexities of human nature”– SoundSphereMag, UK


“It is more than just an album, it is an audio-visual assault on your senses….
a brilliant work of art.”
-TheScene, AU

popdose-logo“Deeply and genuinely moving”-Popdose
“The DVD is awesome and fills one with a sense of yearning…wonderful exploration into relationships and searching for a change…I was captivated.”-Pop Syndicate
“The haunting and hypnotic melodies plus the dark yet uplifting film seem to remain in your thoughts long after you’ve finished them.”

“An ambitious, raw, transparent, honest, and boldly ambitious project that deserves your attention.” -The Independent Critic
sideline“The realization of X: The Human Condition is absolutely remarkable…a fascinating experience” – Side-Line Music Magazine
unratednyc“X: The Human Condition is an emotionally cataclysmic event that will resonate in your subconscious for weeks. In a world where live action accompanied by video stimulus is the new trend…Michael Nova’s avant-garde production remains unparalleled.” -UnratedNYC Magazine
SlowDiveMusicLogo-purple“May build on many of the stepping stones of the past, but is definitely
an album and concept that treads towards the future, and new possibilities
in ways that many artists have not even started to consider”
– Slowdivemusic Blog

lateralnoise“X:THC have managed to melt various genres of music into a big music cauldron! From the dark spoken introduction in “Hide” to the jazzy “Tag, You’re it” you have the impression that there is more than one band performing on this wonderful CD. And yet, it remains coherent the whole time… I bet that you’re going to love this album!”– Lateral Noise

dailyvault“X: THC is simply brilliant when it attempts synthesis of the good vibes of eighties pop with the bleak downtempo moodiness of trip-hop… where the ambience that the music creates is as vital as the music itself… impressive job in parenting a mysterious cloaked sound, where the parts are not clearly discernible, but the whole is a weird and wonderful pastiche.” – Daily Vault

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