Fall Down Seven Times, Rise Up Eight by X: THC Coming Soon

Fall Down Seven Times Rise Up Eight Album 2020 release

Our first new music in a decade… The new album, Fall Down Seven Times, Rise Up Eight will be released In December, with the first music video, This Town coming out September, 2020. You may be wondering what we have been doing all these years, LOL. Well, unfortunately, I had some health issues to deal … Read more

This Town, The Music Video – A Message Of Hope

The first release off our new album, Fall Down Seven Times, Rise Up Eight is the song, This Town. We’ve created a music video, featuring people representing towns from literally all over the world, sharing their feelings about the pandemic, social change, global warming and coming together as one race, the human race. Release date: … Read more

Donating To COVID-19 Worldwide Community Fund To Fight The Pandemic

COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund To Fight The Pandemic

Because X: THC stands for X: The Human Condition, what we are experiencing now is undoubtedly part of the human condition, and want to do our part. So we’ve decided to donate a portion of the proceeds from our album sales to the United Way’s COVID-19 Worldwide Community Response and Relief Fund To Fight The … Read more

The New Songs

X: THC black and white

We’re hard at work on our follow up album to be released in 2020. While our first album, X: The Human Condition was about the journey of the human condition from dark to light, our follow-up will focus more on the recovery after having experienced setbacks in life. How do you recover after having experienced … Read more

X: The Human Condition On Amazon Prime Video

Amazon prime video X the human condition

This is mental health awareness month. The electronic music film, X: The Human Condition is now officially out on Amazon Prime Video at http://bit.ly/xthehumancondition. Proceeds from this “little indie film that could” has allowed us to make contributions to several charities that support mental health. So please dous a favor. Watch this film, rate and … Read more

X: The Human Condition Coming To A VOD Service Near You


We are currently working on the trailer to be featured on VOD services. Yes, X: The Human Condition is coming to VOD this year! It’s been fun working with the original visuals and adding in the reviews we’ve received to create this preview promotional trailer, and we think you’ll all enjoy the vibe. 🙂 Stay … Read more

The X: THC Mission

X: THC mission

In today’s society, despite the fact that we are more connected through social media than ever before, people report FEELING LESS connected to each other than ever before. More and more people report feeling alienated, not being able to fit in, feeling “different”. The rash of celebrity suicides recently brought more notice to the subject … Read more

Rise Up Eight Website Taking Off

Hello friends, Looks like our Rise Up Eight  website is really taking off.  We’ve been interviewed by many podcasts and magazines about the website. Take a look here at all the press! It’s a beautiful thing to know that our work to make this world a better place is appreciated.  We’ve been interviewing people from … Read more