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What people are saying about Fall Down Seven Times Rise Up Eight:

Fall Down Seven Times Rise Up Eight Album 2020 release (Brazil): “A subliminally perfect symbiosis of the most disparate atmospheric elements, such as synth-pop, post-punk, new-wave, blue eyed soul, and various incisions from electronic music. “Fall Down Seven Rise Up Eight” is a very rare set of ten flawless songs, a truly fantastic album!”

Phork: “The album connects to people on such a profound level that goes behind the music itself. Tender, illuminating soundscapes bring you a sense of comfort and hope in the dark. Michael Nova’s deeply emotive, vulnerable vocal speaks and connects to you on a human level as if he has the power to gaze into your soul. Nostalgic yet boldly exploring untamed sonic territory; X: THC has a unique touch of compassion and understanding in their sound that glues people together — that’s the beauty of X: The Human Condition. They leave an unforgettable impression in your heart that draws you back.”

Last Day Deaf: “American post punk/new wave outfit gifts us with its latest, anthemic banger accompanied by a killer b&w visualizer...Fans of Joy Division, Interpol and early-era Editors, make sure you check this one out asap…

MP3 hugger (Ireland): They hit us with the big beats and electro pulses early on and it sure does focus the mind. Add in a singer who has something of Bono’s sweep too means that this track is something to light up the commercial charts for it has the sparkle and ingenuity to fulfill the wishes of the widest music audience available.

We All Want Someone to Shout For: “A lovely vibrant electronic pop and dance sound that is well produced and crafted in a really smart way, paired nicely with a great vocal.”

Caoba Records (Chile): “A Tale Of Two Cities” is a compelling song, performed by an expressive and powerful voice. the song has an enveloping instrumental backing, creating a deep, uplifting sound.”

RockNBold (Brazil): “A mix of songs captivating and hypnotic…seem to mix the atmosphere of Blackstar (2016) with more experimental side of U2, while flirting with the music of Damon Albarn, leader of Gorillaz…For those looking for a classic sound revisited with the freshness of the 2000s…” “The accompanying black and white video illustrates these scenarios, using modern situations, stock footage, and historical references to weave a picture of willful blindness and deafness for a cause of evil.”

Music on the moon (Canada):  “It is a more than enjoyable listen bolstered by some crisply delivered lead vocals that sit with precision amidst the waves of rolling synth atmospherics, punchy drum machine backbone pulse, tight stacked backing vocal harmonies, textured synth atmospherics, funky guitars, a quick flowing arrangement and a clean mix/master. Props are due!”

Loudness: “We enjoyed the masterfully crafted production as well as the vocals that reminded us of David Bowie,”

Music and fashion blog: “Really enjoyed the fusion of fresh, eclectic elements here and loved the story behind this record.”

Wowbombie: “Really digging that strong drum beat, and message behind the lyrics…”

X: The Human Condition Album Reviews 2010:

SoundSphereMag Review : ”The kind of band that you’d enjoy so much you would want to keep them to yourself, only you won’t be able to, because you’re so damned excited about the music…A hypnotic and chilling journey that examines the complexities of human nature and our desire to be understood and loved…”

Daily Vault Review: “X: THC is simply brilliant when it attempts synthesis of the good vibes of eighties pop with the bleak downtempo moodiness of trip-hop… where the ambience that the music creates is as vital as the music itself… impressive job in parenting a mysterious cloaked sound, where the parts are not clearly discernible, but the whole is a weird and wonderful pastiche.”

Lateral Noise Review: “X:THC have managed to melt various genres of music into a big music cauldron! From the dark spoken introduction in “Hide” to the jazzy “Tag, You’re it” you have the impression that there is more than one band performing on this wonderful CD. And yet, it remains coherent the whole time… I bet that you’re going to love this album!”

The Scene, AU Review:  “It is more than just an album, it is an audio-visual assault on your senses….a brilliant work of art.”

Popdose Review : “Deeply and genuinely moving”

Blog Critics Review: “The haunting and hypnotic melodies plus the dark yet uplifting film seem to remain in your thoughts long after you’ve finished them.”

The Independent Critic Review: “An ambitious, raw, transparent, honest, and boldly ambitious project that deserves your attention.”

Pop Syndicate Review: “The DVD is awesome and fills one with a sense of yearning…wonderful exploration into relationships and searching for a change…I was captivated.”

Sideline Music Magazine Review: “The realization of X: The Human Condition is absolutely remarkable…a fascinating experience”

Unrated NYC Review: “X: The Human Condition is an emotionally cataclysmic event that will resonate in your subconscious for weeks. In a world where live action accompanied by video stimulus is the new trend…Michael Nova’s avant-garde production remains unparalleled.”

Slowdive Music Blog Review: “May build on many of the stepping stones of the past, but is definitely an album and concept that treads towards the future, and new possibilities in ways that many artists have not even started to consider”


X: THC new cover

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Michael Nova on I Heart Radio – Interviewed By Doug Gulbrandsen


X: THC TV/Video

X: THC live

X: The Human Condition Film

X: The Human Condition on Amazon Prime Video

X: The Human Condition  featured in restaurants, bars and retail chains nationwide, distributed by Mood Media.

Dew Tour Video  – Tom Wallisch, Andreas Hatveit, Gus Kenworthy – Breckenridge Freeski Slopestyle Semifinal Highlights – featuring the X: THC song, You’re worth fighting for

Theme song for the popular Mexican TV program Las Trampas Del Deseo – The creature from the blackened room

X: THC YouTube- Over 140,000 unique views


X: THC Performance

CMJ Performance @ Bowery poetry club, NYC

Roseland Ballroom, NYC

Don Hill’s, NYC

Clemente Soto Velez Theater, NYC

X: THC 6

The Tank Theater, NYC

Lit Lounge, NYC

Webster Hall, NYC

HERE Theater, NYC

Monkeytown, NYC

Pearl Theater, NYC

The Delancey, NYC

The Bank, NYC

Rebel,  NYC

Galapagos Art Space, Brooklyn, NY


X: THC on CD

X-THC Goa Chillout Zone Vol 8

Featured on the GOA Chillout zone CD, Volume 8

X: The Human Condition – X: THC CD/DVD Music and Film



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Fall Down Seven Times, Rise Up Eight– The NEW album!

X: The Human Condition – X: THC Debut Album

My Mystery – Featuring the X: THC song – Like Violins

Ah Yeah – Featuring the X: THC song – Sleeping with one eye open

Who Loving You Now – Featuring the X: THC song – You’re Worth Fighting For

Sunset Cove Chill – Featuring the X: THC song – Hide

Chez L’Amour – Featuring the X: THC song –   You’re worth fighting for

New Wave 1 – Featuring the X: THC song – A Human Flood

New Wave 2– Featuring the X: THC song – Tag You’re It

Gare De Chill – Featuring the X: THC song – Mr. Happy

Being Happy With DJ MNX – Selection, Vol. 2 – Featuring the X: THC song – Mr. Happy

The Ecstasy Calendar 2014 September – Featuring the X: THC song – Mr. Happy

Spirit of electronic ambient volume 4 – Featuring the X: THC song — The creature from the blackened room

Hipster Cafe Vol. 1 – Featuring the X: THC song – Like Violins

The Love Lounge -Featuring the X: THC song – Don’t Cry