Donating To COVID-19 Worldwide Community Fund To Fight The Pandemic

Because X: THC stands for X: The Human Condition, what we are experiencing now is undoubtedly part of the human condition, and want to do our part. So we’ve decided to donate a portion of the proceeds from our album sales to the United Way’s COVID-19 Worldwide Community Response and Relief Fund To Fight The Pandemic.

You can also donate directly to them through the link above.

While we need funds to keep our mission of inspiring people to never give up going, there are some that are less fortunate than others right now. We want to help, so for every sale we make, we will donate a portion to the United Way’s response fund.

Please be careful the meantime, lock yourselves away safe from harm, enjoy good music, good homemade food and your loved ones, and hopefully we will all get back to normal soon.


Love, Michael and Chris


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