Inspirational Song, This Town By X: THC

Our Inspirational Song, This Town By X: THC is Now on You Tube.

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Here’s some background info on the video:

This, the first release from our album, Fall Down Seven Times Rise Up Eight took years to put together. Initially, our focus was on creating a music video to inspire people to overcome adversity. It contained images of 9/11, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, and other tragedies. We wanted to put out the message that whatever setbacks we have had in the past only strengthened us to overcome challenges that we may face in the future. If we could overcome all that, then we could overcome anything.

Little did we know that the coronavirus would suddenly appear, and create an even greater challenge to everyone in the world. Once COVID-19 hit us, we began turning our focus to inspiring people to get through the crisis. All those images and videos that we had collected over the past few years were suddenly not as important.

We came up with the idea to get feedback from people from all over the world, so we began putting the word out to friends and friends of friends, and the word spread around the world. People volunteered from 43 countries worldwide.

But there were other things going on the world than just the pandemic. Protests were front-page news in the USA. We had to address that because it is part of our experience now. The focus of our video is on unity, and how we must all come together to solve our problems. “United we stand, divided we fall” has never been more appropriate.

In the USA, we have been divided politically. In our lifetimes, we’ve never seen such division in our country. It hurt us to see brother turning against brother, sister turning against sister. We wanted to make a statement. We wanted to inspire people to realize that we are all one race, the human race.

We hate to see people attacking each other for their beliefs. Instead we need to work together, respect each other’s beliefs and come to solutions that satisfy everyone in one way or another. As long as we communicate with each other instead of fighting with each other, we can come to reasonable conclusions.

So people contributed from all over the world. They wanted to express what they were feeling about our current situation. We also had many people from within the USA chiming in with their messages. Unfortunately we couldn’t fit in everyone that volunteered because there was such a great response. Still, we think we got our message across.

You can help by sharing this music video. Together, we can inspire people all over the world to unite, instead of fighting with each other.

Michael and Chris of X: THC

Inspirational song This Town by X: THC

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