The X: THC Mission

In today’s society, despite the fact that we are more connected through social media than ever before, people report FEELING LESS connected to each other than ever before.

More and more people report feeling alienated, not being able to fit in, feeling “different”.

The rash of celebrity suicides recently brought more notice to the subject of mental illness and suicide, and the film, X: The Human Condition explores this side of the human condition through an existential, metaphorical, surreal, yet gritty, dark fairytale.

X: The Human Condition has inspired others to not only feel that they are not alone, but to never give up, leading to the creation of the website, where people worldwide are sharing their stories of overcoming adversity to inspire others.

X: The Human Condition is a “message in a bottle”… a timely message that needs to be heard and seen by more people.

The few that have seen it have given the project rave reviews. 

As X: THC, we aim to further our outreach so that more and more people can be exposed to our timely message. Please help spread our “message in a bottle” by telling your friends.

We sincerely appreciate your support and regardless of how many times we fall, we must keep rising up and moving forward. As we always say, “Fall down seven times, rise up eight!”

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