“Never Give Up – The Miracle Of X: THC”

“Never Give Up – The Miracle Of X: THC”

…that’s the working title for our upcoming documentary.

We are very excited to share this with you because it chronicles the band’s entire history and everything we have been through to get to where we are today, to celebrate “the rising after the fall”, and our celebratory follow-up album to be released after that.

As I explained in the documentary, “for 12 years I was driven to create this, to send this message in a bottle out to the world, and for 12 years I thought this was important but what happened on the way to tell the message became more important than the message itself. The JOURNEY was the most important message of all.”

Twelve years to make the first album, six years to make the second. Well, with any consolation, the third won’t take as long, LOL.

We hope that you will find our journey inspiring for yourself, and for your own life, and to see for yourself that no matter what happens with you or to you… never give up.

More details to follow…

much love,
Michael and Chris

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