X: The Human Condition Launching Online!


We’re in the process of launching our multimedia film, X: The Human Condition online, in ten chapters. once weekly, for ten weeks, leading up to the release of our next album!

For the uninitiated, here’s the sypnosis…

A love story of a different kind…Two alienated artists, each trapped in their own surreal existence, make one last desperate attempt at connection and spawn the ultimate works of art that give them the courage to truly live, and inspire others to follow.

If you’ve seen it, you know. : )
If you haven’t, just check out some of the “rave reviews” reactions here.

We have to give credit for this awesome idea to our Superfan, and super-talented businesswoman/artist in her own right, Lisa Cohen. She’s been behind us, egging us on, and helping us make it happen, so we have to thank her for all her belief in us. And we have to thank all our fans the world over for helping us keep the faith. We’ve been getting all your posts and emails and treasure each one, and it’s partly for you that we’re doing this.

More news on this great development soon…