“A hypnotic and chilling journey that examines the complexities of human nature.” -SoundSphereMag, UK

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Listen to what’s being said about X: THC:

“It is more than just an album, it is an audio-visual assault on your senses….a brilliant work of art.”-TheScene, AU

”The kind of band that you’d enjoy so much you would want to keep them to yourself, only you won’t be able to, because you’re so damned excited about the music…A hypnotic and chilling journey that examines the complexities of human nature.” -SoundSphereMag, UK

American post punk/new wave outfit gifts us with its latest, anthemic banger accompanied by a killer b&w visualizer...Fans of Joy Division, Interpol and early-era Editors, make sure you check this one out asap…”- Last Day Deaf, US

“Using modern situations, stock footage, and historical references to weave a picture of willful blindness and deafness for a cause of evil.”– Post-punk.com

X: THC is music with a message. Both their music and their worldwide community website, RiseUpEight.org explore the human condition on a deep level.

Dubbed “The little indie project that could”, X: THC‘s music has been heard on major airlines, retail shops and restaurants nationwide and was selected as the theme song for the TV series, Las Trampas Del Deseo. X: The Human Condition, the music-based film has been featured on Amazon prime video.

As a critic from Popdose wrote, “X: THC is “deeply and genuinely moving”, and if you are a fan of such varied artists as Joy Division, Interpol, The Cure, Depeche Mode, David Bowie, Massive Attack, Tears For Fears, Bastille and Hurts, then X: THC‘s music is a must have for your collection.

For a limited time, X: THC is giving away tracks from their upcoming new album, so enter your name and email address below, load up your ipod, and get ready. Because as Richard Propes of The Independent Critic wrote, it’s “An ambitious, raw, transparent, honest, and boldly ambitious project that deserves your attention.”