Our Documentary Film Short, Never Give Up: The Miracle Of X: THC Upcoming Release

Our long-awaited film documentary, “Never Give Up: The Miracle Of X: THC” will be released here on our website, X-THC.com and simultaneously on YouTube.com.

We hope you will join us to become inspired by the “truth is stranger than fiction” story of how two diverse winding roads led to one unexpected destination…

“It was a journey fraught with personal trials and tribulations that nearly left one of them blind with chronic illness, But, instead, a miraculous recovery began to inspire people around the world to overcome challenges in their own lives.

This is a journey, traveling back in time to where this inspiring story of the triumph of the human spirit all began. This is the story of X: THC…”

It’s a 30-minute short, shot in the style of VH1’s “Behind the music”.
Hope you will check it out and tell your friends. 🙂
As always, our goal in this is to inspire you to never give up.

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