Well, we haven’t updated the website in a while because we’ve been busy working on another website called, RiseUpEight.org.

This new website it is quite a different thing, having almost nothing to do with music, but we thought we should share it here because it’s very appropriate to our story.

It came about because spreading our story of overcoming adversity took on a life of its own. We realized that if our story could inspire people, hundreds of stories like ours could inspire many more.

So that led to the creation of Rise Up Eight, where we interview people from all over the world overcoming adversity and becoming successful in life.

It’s pretty incredible that our journey led us here, to where we are making a real difference in the world, not just with our music, but with our message.

Of course all of this is influencing our upcoming album. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the result. Stay tuned…

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